Best practices of our school

Substitution period as creativity period - a novel practice

During the substitution periods the children are engaged in interesting activities that bring out their innate talents by working in peer groups which would help them to interact with their classmates with 100% involvement and participation that encourages the learning process through creativity.

Reduction of Bag Load

In order to reduce the 'carrying load' of the children worksheets are given for all the subjects which effectively replaces the voluminous notebooks. Children in the bench are advised to carry textbooks only on the alternate days, which also helps in reducing the load further.

Plastic Free Campus

Dr. N. Vijayan is receiving the citation - Goodwill Ambassador from Mr. A.K.Fatah, Director for Plastic Free Tamilnadu

The use of plastic is banned in our school and children are educated to avoid the use of plastic in any form either inside the campus or wherever they go, knowing the hazard it brings to the environment. The eco-club of the school plays a major role in creating awareness in this regard in the community also at large.

Best Class Award:

Best classroom awards make children feel special. The class which excels in every aspect which includes cleanliness, attendance, academic performance, and discipline is given a rolling shield every month. This encourages the students to work together as a team with a competitive spirit.