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Back to School

Students of std X and XII have returned to school from the 18th of January and IX and XI from the 8th of February. Excellent arrangements have been made following all SOP guidelines of the Government. Students are found to be highly enthusiastic to come to school after a long gap of nearly 11 months.

NEET results of our schools

Zion & Alwin group of Schools , pioneer in imparting quality education for more than 3 decades is proud to announce the amazing and outstanding performance of its students in the NEET Samuel Rozario 683/720, M.S Cyrus 645/720 & T.Harish 636/720 and a number of students have scored more than 500/720 and are admitted in the Govt. Medical Colleges.

Launch of the “ZION ACADEMY”

The excellent results of our students in the NEET examination without any external coaching prompted our Chairman Dr.N.Vijayan to roll out the “ZION ACADEMY” which has started classes to coach the students who are dreaming of becoming doctors and also joining the most premium institution for higher education in India, namely the IIT. This programme for NEET and IITJEE coaching was launched in December 2020. The advantage of this programme is that students are coached by our own teachers who are familiar with the strengths and weaknesses of each student, the fee charged is just one fourth of what external coaching centres charge and above all students need not travel to the city which is tiresome and time consuming. Classes are conducted online in the evenings which students can attend from the comfort of their home and tests are conducted every Sunday.

Foundation course for aspiring students of std IX is also in the planning stage and will be started soon.