Facilities and Infrastructure

Smart Class

Smart class facilitates children to visualize concepts that are abstract and far from imagination. Classrooms are lively and interactive while students watch videos and live demonstrations of subjects that are otherwise a hard nut to crack. This results in faster and accurate understanding of the concepts and consequently improves the overall academic performance of the students.

Newspaper in Education

Newspaper is an integral part of our curriculum and the school encourages the children to read in vernacular and English to update their knowledge and enrich their vocabulary, for which time is allotted both in the school and at home. Important news clippings are viewed by the students on the smart board provided in each classroom during lunchtime.


The school library evokes interest in the young minds to read books of all categories as William Godwin says “He who loves reading has everything within his reach.” Reading improves conversation, public speaking and writing. The school library stacks an excellent collection of over 10,000 books on fiction, science, philosophy, psychology, history and biographies. Students volunteer to donate books to the school library on their birthdays and days of remembrance.


The Physics, Chemistry, Biology and the Computer labs are well equipped with modern facilities which greatly help the children for better understanding of the concepts learnt in the classroom. The labs have been designed and equipped to supplement and complement classroom learning.

Virtual Class Room

During the recent pandemic lock down, while everything was shut down we allowed the students to have uninterrupted learning session through online teaching. The appropriate videos that support the topic of the day greatly help the students for better understanding of concepts as audios and videos are simultaneously experienced by them and this is the hallmark of virtual classes.


Keeping in mind the challenges faced by the parents in bringing about stress free environment at home, the school facilitates regular counselling sessions for the students and parents. The class teachers, being the second mothers, are emotionally connected to the students and whenever the students are diverted by any alluring forces and get themselves deviated from the main path, they are effectively counselled and motivated by the class teachers as well as by a professional counsellor. The students are taught how to handle their pressure and tension and they are effectively trained to balance their emotions. Parents who may need counselling are also called to the school for special sessions with the counsellor.

Medical Care

The school has a clinic in the campus to attend to any emergency. The paramedical staff is always available on the campus. Medical examination is carried out for every students and staff periodically and also health awareness programmes are organised for the physical and emotional well-being of the students and staff.


The school is equally concerned about the adequate quality water consumed by the students duly monitored by the class teachers for which the school provides clean uninterrupted RO water facility.


The students who come from distant areas to the school use the school bus facility provided by N.R Enterprises. A fleet of well–maintained buses equipped with GPS, speed governor devices, experienced drivers, trained conductors, and dedicated lady attenders help the children commute to school safely. First aid materials are kept ready in each bus and handle any situation.

Zion Software

The teachers of Zion and Alwin group have prepared their own software content to be displayed in the smart board during their classes, the contents of which are well mapped with the book and contains videos, animations and PowerPoint presentations. This makes the classes very interesting and also enables learning with complete understanding


The school provides healthy, hygienic and nutritious food through the canteen in the campus to the students and the staff at a reasonable price. The importance of balanced diet is instilled in the minds of all the stakeholders.

Knowledge Center

The main server in the knowledge centre is the virtual storehouse of knowledge. The contents of the software are drawn from various national and international boards of school education and it largely facilitates all the teachers to provide the best education available to all the students.